IuseHax123 is also azkal127 (kindly remove as well)

IuseHax123 is also azkal127 (kindly remove as well)

Postby SIRCAT » Sun Oct 22, 2017 3:36 pm

Hi again Admin!

Azkal went back to log in again and started his bad mouth in the lobby.

May I request that you please remove this too?

Here is what he did just now:

IuseHax123> Hello
IuseHax123> natatai ako
IuseHax123> saan may toilet?
mikejordan> Guilty c machinehead ayon nag log out na hahaha
IuseHax123> mike pwede makitai?
mikejordan> sir Please Respect the Site
*SIRCAT> luseHax123 is also azkal127
*SIRCAT> Warning!
-- Replay Feature: SIRCAT vs commander
IuseHax123> *******
IuseHax123> my b4y4g kb sirc4at
*SIRCAT> last warning luseHax123...you will be muted
*** IuseHax123 is MUTED by mod SIRCAT ***

Thanks again!

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