30 and 52 move rule

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Re: 30 and 52 move rule

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I support Kuya Joel here and sir Hermie (mabilisan). That's the clarification I asked before about the 52 move rule if this rule is in original rules of the GG Federation. We must still follow that rule.

Thanks kuya Joel for the clarification and follow up about this matter.

Sir Bobby, We hope that we can implement this on the next update...if only possible
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Re: 30 and 52 move rule

Post by Airborne1 »

I support Kuya Joel and Sir Mabilisan as well. ;-)

Kind regards,
No one respects a person who talks a good game but fails to play by the rule. @.@
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Re: 30 and 52 move rule

Post by UEV »

ui meron na palang senior strategist, hindi ko alam ah, nahuli na talaga ako sa balita...anyway, i was too young wayback that time to meet any...but i personally did organized several tournaments sanctioned by the GGF during the 80s and I have never heard of any 52 move rule...wonder where you guys got it from...UEV
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Re: 30 and 52 move rule

Post by Heihachi »

Sir Bobby , asan na po reply nyo, were waiting that . tnx po

Suportado ko rin po si sir Joel at Sir Hermie
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Re: 30 and 52 move rule

Post by alahoy »

Sir Bobby and fellow GG players,

I would like to point out why I am opposed to the 52-move rule (besides the fact that this was not in the original rules of GG). During the time na hindi pa po computerized at "board game" pa lang, when it is obvious that there is a repetition of moves and that there is no challenge that is occurring for a long time ( no specific number of moves) and that a draw is obvious, the players will agree to a draw. Sa 52 move rule po natin dito, the one who made the first challenge can deliberately initiate a series of moves that can force the other player give up a piece or lose via the 52-move rule. During the "board game times", sa endgame obvious na kung there is an inevitable draw. Sa 52 move rule, the advantage is in the player who made the first challenge. Sa board game, yung 16 move rule is applied for a piece under attack for 16 consecutive times and the movement of the piece under attack is more than 2 squares. Dito sa computerized, hindi po applied ito.Therefore, if for example I made the first challenge, and if one of my pieces is under attack, I will just move my piece continuously in more than two squares and eventually win the game via the 52-move rule. In the older times, draw na ito. This example assumes that meron pa enough time left for both players remaining, say 1 minute or more.

As a replacement to the 52-move rule, I am proposing a 72-move rule that will lead to a draw if there is no challenge made after 72 complete moves after the last challenge. Although this rule is not written in the origina rules, this rule will eliminate the advantage of the first player who made the first challenge. We must all remember that when the late Ronnie Pasola formulated the rules, he NEVER gave advantage to the player who will make the first challenge. I am sure if Ronnie were alive, he will agree with me that if a draw is imminent, a draw should be declared and not a win for the player who made the first challenge. Why 72? 72 because there are 72 squares in our game and if you are moving only one piece, naikot mo na yung board wala pang challenge eh dapat siguro talagang draw na.

By the way, I still want the 16-move rule ( an origina rule) be restored.

My apologies to everybody kung hindi po malinaw ang explanation ko. Kung makausap ko sana si Sir Joel, baka mas malinaw ang maging explanation nya sa inyo at sa lahat po.

More power to you, Sir Bobby and your team.
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Re: 30 and 52 move rule

Post by juggernaut64 »

Sir Bobby and all the bossings,

Here are my 2 main points against the 52-move rule:

First, it is not in the official rules of the game; and
Second, which is most devastating to any ongoing game is the fact that no one will surely be able to monitor how many moves have been made since the first challenge, right? In our present playing environment whereby we have timers, that's it, we have timers for the game time, but we don't have a "counter" for the number of moves made.

This supposed rule only ruins a supposed exciting endgame finish as we also have to accept that for a game to last "52 moves" after the first challenge, then that particular game is supposed to have a climactic endgame finish so why give the win to the first challenger when the game should be decided between the players themselves?

In truth, I have only encountered and experienced this ruling three times, and I can only vividly recall the results of the last two, with both games I played with Sir Airborne. In one game, I won but I felt bad because I felt and am sure that I had the advantage pieces and position so that rule simply "robbed" me of that sense of fulfillment as it only gave my opponent (sorry Sir Air) the "excuse" that I won that game through the rule. What's worse is the second game as I was also winning in pieces' quality and position but unfortunately for me, I lost becasue of this ruling. So again, I was robbed. Not only of a win but rather, an exciting end game finish, which I was most confident of winning.

So Sir Bobby and the rest of my bossings here, please forgive me if I insist on the immediate removal of this "rule". Thank you so much for your understanding and wisdom. More power and here's looking forward to a healthy site, most conducive for training and competition, I remain

Very truly yours,

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Re: 30 and 52 move rule

Post by bobby »

HI Joel, Hermie, UEV, Riden, alahoy, Heihachi, GGWizard, ahihihi, mabilisan, praybit & all,

SalpakanNa is here to implement existing rules. There was a request before to implement 52- and 30-move rule by GenTico for the tournament plans. We have implemented both of them but it seems nobody favors the former.

Your request to remove 52-move rule from the software has been done in the current version v3.1.6.j. There is no more 52-move rule.

The 16-move rule will be implemented in the next version release.

SalpakanNa will remain as a healthy site and conducive for training and competition.

Thanks for the suggestons and support.

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Re: 30 and 52 move rule

Post by Airborne1 »

Hi Sir Jug,

Mukhang ginulpi mo naman nick ko. Tampo ako, hindi muna kita labanan ng 1 month. :p hihihi

No one respects a person who talks a good game but fails to play by the rule. @.@
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Re: 30 and 52 move rule

Post by juggernaut64 »

Thank you so much Sir Bobby. Not to pull your legs, I was never mistaken to be promoting this site as the best site for the game!
And Sir Airborne1, I am sorry again if I mentioned your name. That is simply to prove my allegations Sir since I know that if asked, you will confirm. If you don't wish to play with me for the next month, then it will be my great pleasure to play with instead with Sir Airborne2 or SIr Jokjok. Hahahaa........
God bless!
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Re: 30 and 52 move rule

Post by JohnClark »

Master Jugger,

I'd like to ask if it be better that there would be a 'warning post' that a player have 1 more move just as in hat would tell the the player that he/she would need to challenge, just as where the timer notifies that time is running out in his/her 5min. game?

Another is the 'Gentleman's Draw'... if a player asks for a draw... would that not be a hint of that the player wants to 'resign'... and if so, be considered a 'lost?

Pls... anyone in this forum is welcome to respond...
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