Rule regarding the Flag

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Rule regarding the Flag

Post by YellowLion »

Move 1: Player1 moves Flag to the opponent's base. Flag has a Spy beside it.
Move 2: Player2 doesn't capture, instead moves the other Spy one square up.
Move 3: Player1 wins. Player2 didn't capture Flag when he got the chance.

Is that how it's supposed to work? I can't remember the website where I saw that you have one unannounced move or "grace" move to capture the Flag if it already reached the base. If you don't capture it, the opponent automatically wins. I just need to clarify this rule so that when I play with my friends in real life, we know what happens.
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Re: Rule regarding the Flag

Post by obetsmith »

Hi YellowLion,
Yes that's how it's supposed to work.

The video followed the rules.
Your move by move description followed the rules.
Your explanation in the last paragraph also followed the rules.

In your example, move 2 is the "grace" move that missed capturing the flag.
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Re: Rule regarding the Flag

Post by acj »

tama po, hindi pa kayo panalo kapag meron pang isang opponent's piece sa tabi ng flag na nakarating sa dulo, pero kelangang i-challenge yung kaagad dahil kapag hindi, matic na panalo na yung nakatawid na flag.
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