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Full force right wing

Posted: Thu May 08, 2014 11:51 am
by jonasalbert
I am not one of the top rated player of Game of the Generals. The tactics is based on the gathered strategy while playing the game. I learn this by playing those top rated players...

This tactic is a combine force of Generals and spies with one private on the right wing. The first move is to deceive the enemy with a high rank on the left as to focus some of his general army on that side. Then out flank the right wing one by one. Notice the other general comming from behind. The purpose is to buy time for scouting what are the army on the right. After catching the spy, 80% chance that the area is spy free. Moving forward the generals to out plank incomming enemy from the left for the flag reach the base of the enemy and win the game.

Here's the video replay: ...