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The Desert Storm Offensive

Posted: Tue Jun 24, 2014 1:26 pm
by rainbow6
This can be applicable to any formation as long as your pieces are used wisely... With the attachment included, think of the enemy's base as Kuwait City. At the start of the ground war, commander of the allied forces under the UN flag, US Army Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf probed and attacked the border of Kuwait from Saudi Arabia to move inland to encounter Iraqi forces and also engage the elite Iraqi Republican Guard. At the same time, he mobilized another powerful allied force probing along the Saudi Arabian western border into Iraq and encounter more enemy forces heading north and and moving to the western northern borders of Iraq and Kuwait to hopefully surround the Republican Guard. Gen. Schwarzkopf had the opportunity to finish them off and bring the war back to Baghdad to finish off Iraqi Pres. Saddam Hussein then, but was under strict orders that the mission was 'only to move Iraqi forces out and liberate Kuwait'. If we interpreted Schwarzkopf's offensive to the to probe both sides of the game board where if manageable to probe and eliminate an overwhelming force on one side of the board, then it can move behind and counter attack to where the direct frontal attack of the other force is held up at a 'stalemate'... Once achieved, you might have cornered and eliminated key forces, as well as surrounded the enemy's flag! Again, use your forces wisely! Good luck!!!