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avatar's WOTA Strategy...The Uncharted Territory

Posted: Tue May 23, 2017 11:50 pm
by avatar
It really takes guts to employ such a strategy and the opponent’s hesitation merely suggests weaker pieces around coupled with possible danger pose to the flag with the presumption of the offensive player’s stronger piece possibly a mid or a high rank general on the move.

The opponent failed to challenge the untested piece as it will get closer to the real flag and instead tried to use the center piece to bluff as its flag and moved away. The result is an awesome win… :lol:
Street Uncharted Territory 2017.gif
Veterans and new strategists are seeing the use of avatar’s strategy known as WOTA on the rise.

How to counter this strategy? Learn from the best DEFENSIVE strategists and let’s hope for a response from any of them… :geek: