Please Remove azkal127

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Please Remove azkal127

Post by SIRCAT » Sun Oct 22, 2017 3:18 pm

Hi Admin!

Hope you are good.

May I request you to please remove azkal127 from this site. He has shown bad manners and is instigating players thru bad words.

In the lobby he put this today:

-- Replay Feature: glastnosto vs NamelessKlNG
azkal127> Hello
azkal127> T4ng 1n4 m0 18karat duw4g

I didn't mind it but when he challenged me, he started bad mouthing.

ChatRoom Kibitz
azkal127> Hello
azkal127> nangatngat kaba ng kahoy?
azkal127> tango down
azkal127> try mo ngumatngat ng kahoy
azkal127> spy ba yan?
azkal127> flag ko yan
azkal127> wag mo habulin flag ko
azkal127> flag ko to
azkal127> galungong
azkal127> uto uto
azkal127> flag ko ngayan eh
azkal127> lapit pa :D
SIRCAT> bastos ang bunganga mo ah
SIRCAT> di mo ko kilala?
azkal127> who the hell cares?
SIRCAT> ok mute ka at reported ka
azkal127> clap clap
SIRCAT> tanggal ka dito
azkal127> dont give a sh!t man

I hope you can act on this ASAP.

Thanks and more power!

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