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Re: v3.40

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Re: v3.40

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I already tried opening port 9095 (both udp and tcp/ip) and disabling my firewall but it always say the i have no internet connection although i have.
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Re: v3.40

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Disable any running VPN or anonymity programs.
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Re: v3.40

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admin wrote:
haroldkent wrote:i cant play the game. .its always saying "Connection error." please help
Make sure your computer port 9095 is not blocked.

So disable your computer's firewall or ask your network administrator if you are within a company network.
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Re: v3.40

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Sir tanong lng nag download na po kasi ako tas dinelete ko sya tas i tried downloading ulit error na po lumalabas at nakalagay na u already downloaded it, saka compatible po ba siya sa ipad? Thanks po
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Re: v3.40

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excuse me but is it a safe file? i mean like you know if there's no virus in the program....
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Re: v3.40

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di ko po madownload ung installer sa box.com.. :cry:
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Re: v3.40

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Is there a Mac version because I don't have any device for windows. :(
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Re: v3.40

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Hi! I found this site endearing since I'm also a GoG enthusiast. I happen to bump into a forum while searching for GoG apps for android devices and somehow ended up here. To the unfortunate turn of it though, I face the same problem as the other posts here. "No Connection or No SalpakanNa Server", it says. I tried to run the exe in Ubuntu [12.04] through wine and it works so far. The server this is the problem. If this is a problem to the type of connection I have (Sun Broadband Wireless), then I guess it can't be helped. If one good soul could possibly help in my situation, I'd be elated! I'm really looking forward to seeing this developed OL GoG.

P.S: I also would love to get a grab of the APK version (for android devices)
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Re: v3.40

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can i download the game in IOs? i have macbook pro.....please help i miss playing this game