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There are several notable players who employ psywar tactics by exploiting their opponent's psychological tendencies when threaten. This involves sending any number of pieces between a middle general down to a private.These are "excess" (pieces that would only cramp up his maneuvering space of defense) pieces he would rather utilize as sacrificial pawns. He would use these pieces as decoys by inserting or surrounding these in between or around any of your pieces. The first purpose here is to loosen up his maneuvering space while cramping up yours. The second purpose is to see if any of your surrounded pieces may "react". If you fall prey to his ploy by reacting, he will be able to identify your key position of placements and maneuver himself to an advantage. If you encounter such players, the counter psywar is NOT TO REACT. Every reaction wastes a move and solidify his intent.

Maintain your one is to one ratio for each untested piece. So long as no untested piece is crossing over your border, he cannot steal a win by flag across. Other notable players would throw away one or two privates. If he splits a private with yours, he'll be able to detect the locations of your seven strong pieces.He could eliminate any of your strong pieces with his spy even if yours were still untested. If he is lucky, he might even eliminate your front row spy out of coincidence.

If you have fallen prey by reacting to his pyswar tactics, he will be able to almost see through or visualize your entire flanking and arangement in such that you don't expect him to call any of your bluff.

(some of the notable players who employ such psywar tactics are GenRiden, Juggernaut64, etc.)
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Re: Psywar

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Another Psywar tatctic is the use of chat... yun nga lang mas maganda kung live mo "aasarin" o iba-bluff kalaban mo.
Nice English by the way. :lol:
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