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TOP 10 Finals Part 2

Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2018 8:06 am
Hi Admin!

Hope you are in good shape. I just noticed that the top 10 games again reverted back to the 2 games requirement. I thought it was changed. I also noticed that there was a short lived change in the preliminaries where players need to play 3 games or get deductions.

Again every decision is yours to make. But it is really difficult to get 2 games in the top 10. For example, one beats the other player, his points go down and he cannot play anymore unless it is high enough to merit a second game.

Are you going to keep this format? Is it possible to get the challenge one cannot refuse that I saw before.

Anyway, more power. Just asking questions.

Thank you!


Re: TOP 10 Finals Part 2

Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2018 6:09 pm
by admin
We will change the cut-off from Top10 to Top15.
But for now, let's just stick with 2 or 3 games. This has been working in the past.

The Challenge-You-Cant-Refuse discouraged top accounts to log in or face challenge.
It was also exploited by crafty players that frustrated many.


Re: TOP 10 Finals Part 2

Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2018 10:29 pm
Dear Admin

Hi! Thank you for your immediate response.

I guess the main flaw in the system is that the deductions applied on top 10 players allow those who are below to move up if the top 10 players can't find an opponent despite the fact that they were supposed to have been eliminated.

I really didn't get to understand fully how this system worked, so I experimented by creating many accounts like most regular players here. Going to the end of the month (June 30) I had 4 accounts in top 10. SIRIUS (1) REDMANIZER (2) SIRCAT2000 (3) and ANUBIS. SIRCAT was tied with Alejandro at 1472 but I was at 11th rank.

I figured that if no player plays, then all will get 100 points deduction and SIRCAT, at 11th rank, would catapult to the top. Alejandro at rank 10 logged in, so I quickly logged in for SIRCAT2000 being the "defending champ" last month. I wanted to be champ for 2 consecutive times. Who doesn't?

Alejandro challenged me but left before we can start to challenge estranghero. I played and waited. After my game, I was surprised that the rankings have changed. It is still around 10 pm Manila time and VIC MORROW was catapulted to the top at 1465! The month changed to June.

I am not downgrading any player nor the system. For me, it is better to have this than none at all and this site is great!

Just my observation. Again I leave it to you.

But I hope you can find a way where you can reduce luck in the monthly championship.

Consider players in top 10 not finding an opponent and lose due to deductions.